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At Trimble, we're committed to providing innovative solutions to improve efficiency and sustainability in the construction industry.

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Building sport history,

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« Les Gradins »: at the doors

of athletes village

Marking the entrance to the athletes' village, the “Les Gradins” building will house the world's best athletes from July 2024, before being converted into an office building in the autumn.


Austerlitz Basin

Cleaning up the Seine to make it a venue for open water events.


Complexe Sportif

Émile Robert

A successful renovation for this regional complex selected as an official training centre.


Groupama Stadium

an ultra-modern temple to football that has been the pride and joy of Lyon since 2016.


Arena La Défense

a collaborative challenge to offer the city of Paris a modular and intelligent intelligent space 94 000 sqm.

Collaboration made easy:

Trimble mission

Design, construction, renovation... At every stage in its life cycle, a building is the scene of multiple interactions involving a variety of experts.

At Trimble, we believe that successful construction depends on simplifying these exchanges. Our solutions establish links between trades, using shared digital models.

Bring together all those involved in a project around a single, data-rich 3D model.

Simplify and make reliable the access, transfer and archiving of models and technical documentation thanks to IFC.

Making BIM technology accessible to all stakeholders - including all levels of expertise.

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« We have a mission of transforming the way the world works. How we approach that is by delivering products and services that connect the physical and digital worlds. »

Rob Painter, CEO, Trimble